Heart attack just over 40

It has been awhile and my life with the boys is still crazy. Spring sports are upon us and 5 weeks ago right now yesterday our world changed. I was ready to go to bed. My steps for the day where in. I had talked with my Mom while on the treadmill. My efforts were focused on me. Around 8:30 I had finished and hung up with my Mom. My husband had come home early from work. We own our own Pizza shop. He had been in the garage cleaning. He was on the couch and said he had gotten dizzy and was having some chest pain. So my response of course was have you eaten, to get the response of well no. I said eat something.  He ate and went and laid down.

Now, we are at 11 PM ready for bed my husband said I just do not feel good and am having chest pain.  So I am totally thinking he pulled something while cleaning in the garage earlier.

When I go to bed I fall instantly asleep so yawning and being totally exhausted I suggested he eat, drink some water, and take Advil.  I consider Advil a fix for everything  but not this little did I know. He sat at the table as I googled chest pain. Google told me it could be indigestion or acid reflux. I reflected on his eating habits and made my medical non-degree opinion that this made sense.  Mom skills then came into play BRAT diet.

Prescription: lets have some toast to appease your stomach and water for dehydration.  I am a skilled medical professional, not!

During this time he ate two piece of my fabulously made toast, however I did notice he kept yawning. Like yawning over and over again. Except he did not seem tired. I was though.  During this time he was having a strong conversation with me and not rubbing the center of his chest so much.  Lessons learned later on….

Hubby finished eating we decided to go to bed and watch a show. So sweet he was concerned about keeping me up.  I said no worries and propped him up in pillows, why, not really sure. I think he said it hurt when he laid down. So, then we watched tv.

Just as we drifted off he rolled over to lay almost flat on his side. Soon after he was up and admit I need to go to the hospital my chest really hurts. Conversations ensue why, what, and how. He stated that laying down on his side hurt so much and he had to go. If you are not taking me then I will just go. Enter feel like an asshole and eye role . Still I fought him.  I said give me a minute and let me get the boys. For some reason as I approached the boys, who by some strange reason were sleeping together I decided to wake the oldest (my emotional challenging adolescent). In that split second I woke him and stated I was taking Dad to the doctor and would be back.  Watch your little brother and call if you need me. He said okay then asked if he could sleep, which I said yes. Off we went after that.

To be continued….I need time to process my thoughts.