Heart Attack in his forties still day 1

The gurney was on the move. We went up through a secure elevator to land on floor 5. At this point I sent an email to work stating I would not be in, hubby was in the hospital,I think everything is fine and will update them later.

A blood pathologist arriveS to draw his blood. His nurse also arrived. She stated they were trending his blood work? Okay what does this mean and why are we still here. Hubby was tired now because the pressure in his chest had subsided. Now though I was wide awake taking in the situation. The nurse explained he was in for observation and would be visited by the cardio team later in the morning, since now it was 3:30 AM.

The plan laid out in front of us was that we needed to have an echo cardiogram .  So I asked what is the? It is an ultrasound of the heart. Ok that I understand.

Me: When will this occur?

Nurse: I have seen this as early as 7 AM but usually the Cardio team does rounds around 9 AM.

Me: Okay, so anytime probably between 9 and ?

Nurse: 11 is the latest.

Alright hubby really wants to sleep and it is now 4 AM. He and I talk quickly that I will go home to the boys. My two boys…my heart just constricts thinking of them and of him.  As I kiss him goodbye I ask if he is going to call his mother. His response is no.

Well I find the elevator because we came up some super secret path yet came in through the ER. At this point I feel exhausted, confused and completely lost. I ask directions to get back to the parking lot of the ER and listen carefully. When I get out of the elevator I am thoroughly confused which way to go. I go right….Wrong!

I come to a set of sliding glass doors leading into the parking lot.  As soon as I step through the doors I realize I went the wrong direction. I step back up to the doors and they do not open. Ahhhh shit! I exited through the administrative/ professional building at 4 AM. So these doors are locked. Proudly showcasing my visitors pass I received in the ER in front of the cameras I thought some one would come rescue me. But nope. Called the hubby’s cell thinking I just left he would answer and send someone, but nope. So we are not in a warm inviting state, instead we live in Michigan. End of March in Michigan is usually not warm, thankfully I wore my ski coat.

i began to assess my surroundings and realize I was quite far from the car. I could take a short cut through the grassy area but decided at 4 AMin them in the morning I would encounter divots and break my ankle and die outside suffering from hypothermia, or security would review the footage and tackle me, or worse the police would be called and the K-9 unit deployed. Yes I know after everything this is what went through my mind, but I am who I am. So I began the long cold walk by foot staying on the street convinced I was going to get attacked by one stranger.

Thankfully no one got me or was even around. However I was freezing when I reached the car.  So I got into the car alone even though when I arrive I was not alone and headed to our two boys.

I got to the house around 4:45 my Fitbit  telling me I had met my ex Eric’s objective compliments of my early morning no one should be up why am I here by myself freezing cold walk.

Ironically my father in law was heading into to town for our oldest to assist on his heart dissection at school. I knew he was also an early riser, so I sent him a note to wake up my mother in law about her son. I surveyed the house, turned off the lights and laid down in bed freezing cold and alone.

And the story will continue mainly for me but hopefully as we continue to help others because I had trouble finding true stories with someone so young.