Heart attack just over 40

It has been awhile and my life with the boys is still crazy. Spring sports are upon us and 5 weeks ago right now yesterday our world changed. I was ready to go to bed. My steps for the day where in. I had talked with my Mom while on the treadmill. My efforts were focused on me. Around 8:30 I had finished and hung up with my Mom. My husband had come home early from work. We own our own Pizza shop. He had been in the garage cleaning. He was on the couch and said he had gotten dizzy and was having some chest pain. So my response of course was have you eaten, to get the response of well no. I said eat something.  He ate and went and laid down.

Now, we are at 11 PM ready for bed my husband said I just do not feel good and am having chest pain.  So I am totally thinking he pulled something while cleaning in the garage earlier.

When I go to bed I fall instantly asleep so yawning and being totally exhausted I suggested he eat, drink some water, and take Advil.  I consider Advil a fix for everything  but not this little did I know. He sat at the table as I googled chest pain. Google told me it could be indigestion or acid reflux. I reflected on his eating habits and made my medical non-degree opinion that this made sense.  Mom skills then came into play BRAT diet.

Prescription: lets have some toast to appease your stomach and water for dehydration.  I am a skilled medical professional, not!

During this time he ate two piece of my fabulously made toast, however I did notice he kept yawning. Like yawning over and over again. Except he did not seem tired. I was though.  During this time he was having a strong conversation with me and not rubbing the center of his chest so much.  Lessons learned later on….

Hubby finished eating we decided to go to bed and watch a show. So sweet he was concerned about keeping me up.  I said no worries and propped him up in pillows, why, not really sure. I think he said it hurt when he laid down. So, then we watched tv.

Just as we drifted off he rolled over to lay almost flat on his side. Soon after he was up and admit I need to go to the hospital my chest really hurts. Conversations ensue why, what, and how. He stated that laying down on his side hurt so much and he had to go. If you are not taking me then I will just go. Enter feel like an asshole and eye role . Still I fought him.  I said give me a minute and let me get the boys. For some reason as I approached the boys, who by some strange reason were sleeping together I decided to wake the oldest (my emotional challenging adolescent). In that split second I woke him and stated I was taking Dad to the doctor and would be back.  Watch your little brother and call if you need me. He said okay then asked if he could sleep, which I said yes. Off we went after that.

To be continued….I need time to process my thoughts.









Why do I have to tell my boys to flush the toilet every time they use the bathroom?  I mean the handle is there for a reason, use it please. They monkey with everything but this shiny little handle.

Maybe if it was in the center they would go and grab the handle at the same time.

Homework Meltdown

Being a parent is hard; doing homework with your child is hard. Falling back into bad habits you had when you were a child can make it even harder. For instance studying for a test right before the test = disaster.

Fourth Grade no big deal right, been there done that. Except do you really remember everything from 4th grade? Math now is completely different, and our son actually will say the teacher said you would not be able to help me.   Ahh…Mommy may not be able to help you, but she has a secret weapon GOOGLE! Google helps mommy help you. Except he does not know this and does not need to, so when a common core problem has us stumped, I discreetly go to a different room, find the answer, learn how to teach it and swoop in like SUPER MOMMY! Wow, she knows everything, right and it is just that easy. HA! Not really.

Thursday night rolls around, kids were at school all day and Mom and Dad at work all day. No sports, so we have a family dinner. But again it is Thursday so already feeling the end of the week and ready for the weekend. Let’s see what we have to do?

Make lunches, pack snacks, review papers sent home, clean up dinner, get clothes out for tomorrow, showers for both kids, and homework.

Little one – prep for a spelling test and complete Story town homework.

Big one – Math homework, social studies worksheet, study for science test and complete worksheet, and read to 20 minutes.

At this point everything seems good, except let’s fast forward to Sunday night. We have a rule you cannot go and play outside until homework is complete, because it seems like clockwork a meltdown will follow.

This past Sunday the weather was just not very nice so the boys stayed inside all day. Hence, we did not start home work until dinner time. The big one did his math while I cooked dinner. At least we got that piece out of the way. Because we had such a lazy day I did not realize how tired he really was. After dinner began the science test prep, which was torturous since he could not focus or retain the information.

I absolutely hate homework meltdowns. When these occur I feel like such an awful parent for having not taken more time to prepare him. I mean we had Thursday night. I only made him read the chapter and do a worksheet. We had Friday night, but I was just too tired. Saturday I cleaned the house, but did think to myself I should make him some flash cards, or teach him how to make his own flash cards. Instead it was Saturday and I just needed a break. Then we came upon Sunday, which in all truthfulness just got away from us. Leading us to …..SUNDAY EVENING!

Three hours, we worked for 3 long excruciating hours, quizzing reading, re-quizzing, arguing, tears (not mine) loss of TV and electronic privileges. When all was said and done I felt horrible. Why had we not prepared better, why did I wait until then. He seemed to be okay with the information on Thursday night, but then again he was tired.

Nothing bothers me more than when we end a weekend on a meltdown. We work so much and do so much running around I just like to end the weekend on a positive note. Ending with tears and frustration just makes me feel like the WORST PARENT EVER!

I know everyone has ups and downs and kids have to learn things on their own. But he is just learning how to study, and I know I have to be more diligent is helping him succeed in learning the best way to study. I still feel awful. I feel like I let him down and myself. Yet, when he woke up this morning, I quizzed him again. He answered all of the questions correct, I told him great job and hugged him then just let it go. No need to get him all worked up again.

Hopefully, I learned my lesson…..I just hate how much my heart hurts when he is upset. Nothing in life prepares you for what you feel when your child is upset or hurt.

Mommy Mommy Mommy

Friday morning, finally it is the end of the week. I am always so tired by this point in the week and am just ready for the crazy rituals of sports, grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry the weekend brings.

This morning after my shower before my coffee I came out to get the boys breakfast. As I am walking away to finish getting ready my little one starts the call.

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!!

Me: Yes

Can I tell you something?

Me: Of course what do you have to tell me?

Little man jumps out of his seat and starts to skip over to me. Some of his hair is sticking up on his head. He is in his PJ’s with a bright smile covering his face. He just looks so sweet and happy.

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy did you know if you get a Giant Pumpkin and cut the top off then take all of the gunk out, you can put it in the water and it will float?

Me: No, I did not know this.

Yes, well you can and then you can have a pumpkin race in the water.

Then he turns around and proceeds back to the table to eat his breakfast. I then turn around and head back to finish getting ready except now I have a huge smile on face.

The Toliet and my battle for a dry seat!

There are things in everyone’s life they wish they could change.  My list would be endless, mainly because it is based purely on my emotional state at the time.  Today, I wish we could change the toilet.  You may ask yourself why in the world would you want to change the toilet.  It seems like such a petty request when in life we could change so many other things.
Today, I would like to change the toilet because today this happens to be one key frustration for me personally. Maybe later I can try to change something in the world, but for now I am most concerned about the toilet.  Actually to be exact the toilet in my half bath.  The toilet my young, sweet, caring, devilish, adorable boys cannot seem to figure out how to work.
It seems like such a simple concept.  Maybe if I work to break it down, I can figure out what is so complex about this bathroom fixture that has stumped me wee little ones.  Okay, not wee like toddlers, but I guess wee like how they go wee wee.
This is a toilet. It has a lid, a seat, and the toilet lid and seat do ONE amazing thing, they can go up and they can go down.  Up or Down….Up or Down….Up or Down goes the lid and seat on a toilet. We might be able to actually make a catchy tune out of this.  Hmmm I will have to think about this one for a while. I do sing to the boys, especially when I get angry, this helps instead of screaming. I sing to them what I want them to do or stop doing.
Okay…back on track to the toilet which seats goes up and down.

This is a toilet with the lid down.  If you need to use the toilet, place you fingers at the front as and SLOWLY pull upwards until the lid is resting against the back of the toilet.   When complete the toilet should look like this.


If you have to # 2 sit down and have at it. If you have to go # 1 you must lift again. Oh…little boys if you have to go # 1 lift again…so that the toilet looks like this. See below.

Now, you are ready to go wee, but make sure the wee hits inside the bowl, not on the wall, not on the floor, not on the back of the toilet.  GET IT IN THE BOWL!  Boys it is like a game of basketball get it in the net.  Or like a game of golf, GET IT IN THE HOLE!  Hear this change through you mind in the bowl or in hold = I WIN….plus then so does Mommy!

Do not turn while going stay focuses.  Sadly, however in my house we like to skip this last lifting step.  And Mommy is who pays the price, so today I would like to be able to sit down without inspecting my toilet first or quickly realizing I forgot to inspect it.  We started off to a rough start this morning, but hopefully later today we can succeed in our mission of lifting before peeing.