Heart Attack we are still Day 1

Subway yes this hospital has a subway so I head off to get some lunch as we await the consult. Seems so simple yet as I ascend down the elevator so much more. I get a foot long, really who cares what is on it. When I arrive back to the room we eat. The I get up to throw my wrapper away, hubby says oh no. I am by the door and turn around to see blood, blood everywhere. I quickly assess the situation and notice even though it is every where there is no squirting. I open the door as a nurse passes by and state the heart cath is bleeding. The response someone will be their shortly. Ummm okay heart cath= artery so not sure why this is okay. Hubby has paged the nurse, I speak the heart cath is bleeding again. Okay someone will be their shortly. Now I realize I am about to lose my shit, but am trying to remain calm. Hubby did just have some traumatic heart shit.

I open the door again seeking help and am told to wait. Thank God….the nurse assistant comes in. She accesses and calls for support.  Now let me explain I knew he was not bleeding out otherwise I would I have gone postal. I was trying to remain calm for hubby’s sake and at this time knew he was okay.

Once the nurse assistant arrived everything went into motion. The nurse came in and stated I sounded calm…really so I sounded calm on the heart unit so let’s not react quickly. That was a first.


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