Heart Attack we are still Day 1

Subway yes this hospital has a subway so I head off to get some lunch as we await the consult. Seems so simple yet as I ascend down the elevator so much more. I get a foot long, really who cares what is on it. When I arrive back to the room we eat. The I get up to throw my wrapper away, hubby says oh no. I am by the door and turn around to see blood, blood everywhere. I quickly assess the situation and notice even though it is every where there is no squirting. I open the door as a nurse passes by and state the heart cath is bleeding. The response someone will be their shortly. Ummm okay heart cath= artery so not sure why this is okay. Hubby has paged the nurse, I speak the heart cath is bleeding again. Okay someone will be their shortly. Now I realize I am about to lose my shit, but am trying to remain calm. Hubby did just have some traumatic heart shit.

I open the door again seeking help and am told to wait. Thank God….the nurse assistant comes in. She accesses and calls for support.  Now let me explain I knew he was not bleeding out otherwise I would I have gone postal. I was trying to remain calm for hubby’s sake and at this time knew he was okay.

Once the nurse assistant arrived everything went into motion. The nurse came in and stated I sounded calm…really so I sounded calm on the heart unit so let’s not react quickly. That was a first.


The day everything changed: Heart Attack

So we left off around 4:45 AM in the last post as I laid down and try to go to sleep. Our oldest awoke shortly after 6 AM. First question where is Dad. The not so simple answer, still at the hospital.  But today we are going to still go to school but skip band.  The next thing I knew my father and mother in law were on the phone. You ironically he was already heading to us that morning to assist his grandson with a heart dissection  at school.

I was on speaker for the call so they both could hear what was going on. After the call ended about 5 minutes passed and my mother in law was in the car and back on the phone with me. We came up with a plan. She was heading straight to the hospital and I would get the boys off to school, pick up payroll, and head back to the hospital.

We own our business a small pizza shop, so I had to get payroll otherwise no one would get paid. Thankfully the payroll company was 2 minutes down the street from the hospital.  Finally I am back with him, only to have life disrupted again.

My mother in law and the nurse are in the room when I arrive.  The bag I have is packed is set down as I question when the echocardiogram is going to be and state I have his medicine he takes daily in their prescribed bottle to be told a different plan. He is going to have a heart cath and is being changed to admitted status. So, the medicine I have can no longer be administered unless it comes from the pharmacy.

Wait a heart cath? What? Why? It is then explained to me they have been trending him. Trending what? Troponin is a protein enzyme released in your blood stream if you have damage to your heart. She then showed me his level went from .3 to 1.6 to 2.3. No echo now heart cath.

For the heart cath they go in through an artery and release dye to see the heart better.  Ummmm okay I thought we were okay but am rolling with the punches.  My mother in law heads out to the Pizza shop and we head down to surgical.

Hubby is tired and confused but comfortable. Me terrified. The doctor comes in and explains they will try to go in through his wrist but if that does not work they will go in through his groin.  He also lets us know if he a stint is needed it can be completed where we are and worst case scenario if he had a 100% blockage we would have to transfer hospitals for open heart surgery because they do not do open heart.  I’m sorry what open surgery, stints, what is going on?

A quick I love you, kiss, and see you soon and off the hubby goes. As I sit alone trying so hard to keep it together I call my parents. They live outside of Philadelphia and we are in Michigan.  My mom use to be a nurse so thankfully she can talk me through some of the technical pieces. We discuss the potential for them to come and end the call. Hubby arrives back and I take a deep breath, he is with me again.

On his wrist is a strange plastic box. The little box will slowly be decompressed once giving the artery a chance to plug. Next the doctor arrives. I notice an awe in his eyes. A very emotional touch to hubby and a slow deep breath. He begins by saying how lucky we are, how lucky hubby is that he is here with us.

The emotions he feeling swirls around me as I gasps for air, the emotion is so raw and real. I absorb this questioning what is going on. Truth bomb just dropped hubby has 100% blocked artery, he has to be transferred, he will have open heart surgery, a consult will be in this afternoon, it is serious, and how he is here with us is a amazing.

Heart Attack in his forties still day 1

The gurney was on the move. We went up through a secure elevator to land on floor 5. At this point I sent an email to work stating I would not be in, hubby was in the hospital,I think everything is fine and will update them later.

A blood pathologist arriveS to draw his blood. His nurse also arrived. She stated they were trending his blood work? Okay what does this mean and why are we still here. Hubby was tired now because the pressure in his chest had subsided. Now though I was wide awake taking in the situation. The nurse explained he was in for observation and would be visited by the cardio team later in the morning, since now it was 3:30 AM.

The plan laid out in front of us was that we needed to have an echo cardiogram .  So I asked what is the? It is an ultrasound of the heart. Ok that I understand.

Me: When will this occur?

Nurse: I have seen this as early as 7 AM but usually the Cardio team does rounds around 9 AM.

Me: Okay, so anytime probably between 9 and ?

Nurse: 11 is the latest.

Alright hubby really wants to sleep and it is now 4 AM. He and I talk quickly that I will go home to the boys. My two boys…my heart just constricts thinking of them and of him.  As I kiss him goodbye I ask if he is going to call his mother. His response is no.

Well I find the elevator because we came up some super secret path yet came in through the ER. At this point I feel exhausted, confused and completely lost. I ask directions to get back to the parking lot of the ER and listen carefully. When I get out of the elevator I am thoroughly confused which way to go. I go right….Wrong!

I come to a set of sliding glass doors leading into the parking lot.  As soon as I step through the doors I realize I went the wrong direction. I step back up to the doors and they do not open. Ahhhh shit! I exited through the administrative/ professional building at 4 AM. So these doors are locked. Proudly showcasing my visitors pass I received in the ER in front of the cameras I thought some one would come rescue me. But nope. Called the hubby’s cell thinking I just left he would answer and send someone, but nope. So we are not in a warm inviting state, instead we live in Michigan. End of March in Michigan is usually not warm, thankfully I wore my ski coat.

i began to assess my surroundings and realize I was quite far from the car. I could take a short cut through the grassy area but decided at 4 AMin them in the morning I would encounter divots and break my ankle and die outside suffering from hypothermia, or security would review the footage and tackle me, or worse the police would be called and the K-9 unit deployed. Yes I know after everything this is what went through my mind, but I am who I am. So I began the long cold walk by foot staying on the street convinced I was going to get attacked by one stranger.

Thankfully no one got me or was even around. However I was freezing when I reached the car.  So I got into the car alone even though when I arrive I was not alone and headed to our two boys.

I got to the house around 4:45 my Fitbit  telling me I had met my ex Eric’s objective compliments of my early morning no one should be up why am I here by myself freezing cold walk.

Ironically my father in law was heading into to town for our oldest to assist on his heart dissection at school. I knew he was also an early riser, so I sent him a note to wake up my mother in law about her son. I surveyed the house, turned off the lights and laid down in bed freezing cold and alone.

And the story will continue mainly for me but hopefully as we continue to help others because I had trouble finding true stories with someone so young.



Heart Attack at 40 Day 1

So we left off the other day by stating we were heading to the hospital. I thought this was crazy, he is only in his early forties. It had to be something else and I soon learned my resistance was going to bite me in the ass.

We walked into the ER, which thankfully is 5 minutes away from where we live. Once we got to the security counter I calmly said hello and stated my husband was having chest pains.  Security quickly swept into action getting a wheelchair and into the hospital we went. We went to the check in counter where I began the pleasantries again. Hello, my husband is having chest pains armed with our insurance card, which was not needed yet.  He got checked in and off to the Er room we went.

At at this point a team was asking questions and quickly attaching a lot of devices to my husbands chest.  The intent was to take an EKG.  A report was generated and a doctor came in stating he was not having a heart attack, but there were some things off. The focused shifted to his blood pressure. Are you on blood pressure medicine? Have you had a history of high blood pressure? The doctor turned to me do you monitor his blood pressure at home? I answered no. The reply was I should be…hmmm why he does not have high blood pressure.

The doctor said they were monitoring things. At this point my interest was peaked . Next began the administering of an aspirin and nitro. This is when shit started getting real. My husband did not know what nitro was, but I did.  As they left the area to retrieve the medicine I just kind of danced around what nitro was.  Shortly the nurse returned and gave the pills to my husband. She instructed him to take the aspirin and then put the nitro under his tongue. Then she left.

Once she left he was quiet for a few then started to have a noticeable change. He sat up on the bed and began talking and asking me questions. I do not belive he noticed the difference but I did. That nitro made him feel significantly better. His thinking was clearer and he was no longer wincing at his chest. My thoughts immediately went back to the blood pressure conversation and I concluded it was a blood pressure issue and the nitro must have helped.

The nurse returned and reviewed how he was feeling and his pain level. At this point it was decided to give him another nitro. My mind began going no no no no….what does this all mean?

Another doctor arrived and stated he was being kept overnight for observation. Overnight at 2 AM, weird.  Hubby began questioning me. I feel fine why can I not go home.

Me: I do not know maybe it has to do with where your blood pressure was.

Hubby: well I don’t want to stay.

Me: well just tell them that.

Next thing we know there is a cardiac consult and up we go.

Until the story continues!


Heart attack just over 40

It has been awhile and my life with the boys is still crazy. Spring sports are upon us and 5 weeks ago right now yesterday our world changed. I was ready to go to bed. My steps for the day where in. I had talked with my Mom while on the treadmill. My efforts were focused on me. Around 8:30 I had finished and hung up with my Mom. My husband had come home early from work. We own our own Pizza shop. He had been in the garage cleaning. He was on the couch and said he had gotten dizzy and was having some chest pain. So my response of course was have you eaten, to get the response of well no. I said eat something.  He ate and went and laid down.

Now, we are at 11 PM ready for bed my husband said I just do not feel good and am having chest pain.  So I am totally thinking he pulled something while cleaning in the garage earlier.

When I go to bed I fall instantly asleep so yawning and being totally exhausted I suggested he eat, drink some water, and take Advil.  I consider Advil a fix for everything  but not this little did I know. He sat at the table as I googled chest pain. Google told me it could be indigestion or acid reflux. I reflected on his eating habits and made my medical non-degree opinion that this made sense.  Mom skills then came into play BRAT diet.

Prescription: lets have some toast to appease your stomach and water for dehydration.  I am a skilled medical professional, not!

During this time he ate two piece of my fabulously made toast, however I did notice he kept yawning. Like yawning over and over again. Except he did not seem tired. I was though.  During this time he was having a strong conversation with me and not rubbing the center of his chest so much.  Lessons learned later on….

Hubby finished eating we decided to go to bed and watch a show. So sweet he was concerned about keeping me up.  I said no worries and propped him up in pillows, why, not really sure. I think he said it hurt when he laid down. So, then we watched tv.

Just as we drifted off he rolled over to lay almost flat on his side. Soon after he was up and admit I need to go to the hospital my chest really hurts. Conversations ensue why, what, and how. He stated that laying down on his side hurt so much and he had to go. If you are not taking me then I will just go. Enter feel like an asshole and eye role . Still I fought him.  I said give me a minute and let me get the boys. For some reason as I approached the boys, who by some strange reason were sleeping together I decided to wake the oldest (my emotional challenging adolescent). In that split second I woke him and stated I was taking Dad to the doctor and would be back.  Watch your little brother and call if you need me. He said okay then asked if he could sleep, which I said yes. Off we went after that.

To be continued….I need time to process my thoughts.








Why do I have to tell my boys to flush the toilet every time they use the bathroom?  I mean the handle is there for a reason, use it please. They monkey with everything but this shiny little handle.

Maybe if it was in the center they would go and grab the handle at the same time.

School Time

People have been telling me forever how fast time goes.  This year we have a fifth and second grader. Here we are about to go. Tonight at dinner I was recalling our fifth graders second grade birthday. His dad told him…your Mom will be able to recount all of your birthdays and many embarrassing moments. Really is this where we are? I love him and his brother so much it hurts. I can recall the birthdays and who gave him what for presents from his friends.

I really hope these memories stay so fresh in my mind, because they bring happiness to me. And now I say where has the time gone?

And why did spell check want to say curtains for presents….thank you spell check for almost ruining my memory. I mean who gives curtains for presents?